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Scary Halloween Craft

Scary Halloween Craft

We are always happy to provide an interesting idea on how to beautifully decorate a house and prepare original crafts on Helloween. Scary Halloween Craft can be made from any familiar and cute thing. During this period, everyone can feel a little mystic and magician, turning their home into a …

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St Patrick’s Day Easy Craft Ideas

We offer you Easy Craft Ideas and simple decoration for St Patrick’s Day. This holiday has become very popular long ago far beyond the Emerald Isle. Various traditions as christian, so folk come from the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Besides shamrock another symbol of this day is leprechauns. Each leprechaun …

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Halloween Paper Craft Idea: A Spider Box

Halloween paper craft idea: a spider box

Today specially for you we present Halloween Paper Craft Idea – the easiest, that don’t take much time, but unusual at the same time. Pumpkins hurry up on the holiday!). Our happy and fast spider box helps them! Halloween crafts can be made of different materials. We will need a small …

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Easy Halloween Craft Idea – Monsters From Corks

Easy Halloween Craft Idea: Monsters From Bottle Corks

If you have a few wine bottle corks here is an Easy Halloween Craft Idea – Monsters From Bottle Corks. This is an easy and funny craft, that will involve the whole family into the process. Paint the corks with various colors. We used acrylic paints. And wait until the first …

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Easy Halloween Craft: A Spider From Styrofoam

Easy Halloween Craft spider

Halloween is coming soon, All Saints’ Eve, and this means it’s high time for fun and creativity for all the family. I came up with an idea of an easy halloween craft and how to make a funny spider of styrofoam and pipe cleaner. First of all let’s prepare all …

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Easter Eggs From Threads. Easy Easter Decoration.

Easter eggs from threads. Easy Easter decoration.

We offer you a simple and interesting workshop where you can make Easter eggs from threads. The Easter is one of the most important and beautiful fests that religious people celebrate. That is why we like to decorate and paint eggs and always do this with great pleasure. But you …

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Mason jar string lights

make a jar string light

Common jars can be used to create plenty of decorative things for example Mason Jar String Lights  . The easiest way is to make lights that will fill your home with the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. With the help of cheap decorative elements for artwork, different tiny things that have …

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Dry Erase Board from Photo Frame

Dry Erase Board From Photo Frame, image 1

Dry Erase Board from Photo Frame be easy to made. We used a double sided photo frame.  Take the photo frame apart. Clean the glass.Cut two pieces from color or design paper that fit the frame size.Decorate color paper using stamps. Put parts of the frame together and now you can leave …

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Pencil Holder and Vase From Bamboo Sticks.

Pencil holders from a can and bamboo sticks.

You can easily make nice pencil holder and vase for flowers from a can and bamboo sticks. Clean the cans, the inner side can be painted. The outer side is polished with sandpaper, so the sticks can glue better. If you paint bamboo sticks in different colors this make an …

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