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Winter Forest Tealight Christmas Card.

Tealight Christmas Card.

In this fabulous magical time of Christmas, we love to surround ourselves and our relatives with beautiful and cute things made by ourselves. Tealight Christmas card will decorate Christmas evenings and bring some magic to your home. Print the template for the base of the card, bend along the dotted …

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Simple christmas card designs. Easy cardmaking.

Simple christmas card designs

What kind of Christmas tree has no Christmas ball!!! For you, we have prepared the idea of a simple design of a Christmas card. And this card is about our favorite Christmas-tree decoration. Take a thick cardboard for the base of the card, size 30*15 cm, fold in half. We …

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Simple Christmas card for kids.

Simple Christmas card for kids..

Today we show how the smallest can make a beautiful and simple Christmas card for kids. Everyone’s favorite holiday Christmas is not only celebrated by the whole family, but, of course, prepared by all family members! It will definitely decorate your home or will become a pleasant present for your …

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Christmas card for kids

Christmas card for kids

In anticipation of Christmas, everyone is happy to prepare for the holiday and look for simple Christmas card for kids. As usual, when creating a postcard we can do without expensive materials and complex processes. In any case, our ideas will help creatively organize leisure for your children during this …

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Stylish and Simple Christmas Card

stylish Christmas card

We offer the idea of  a stylish and simple Christmas card. For its manufacture you will not need any complicated techniques and tools. Stylish things are not always difficult and expensive. We need cardboard and a set of designer paper in the winter style. Download and print the inscription base …

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Simple and Cute Christmas Cards For Kids

Christmas cards for kids.

In order to fully enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, you need to create a special atmosphere, recharge your pre-holiday mood. We recommend that you do needlework and make simple Christmas cards for kids with your own hands. Making them will not require expensive materials, sophisticated tools and special …

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The idea of a simple autumn card

simple autumn card

Autumn pleases with colorful, bright colors of foliage, treats with an abundant variety of vegetables and fruits. With the onset of autumn, everything around changes, primarily nature, so make a simple autumn card! I would like to rake in a bunch of colorful leaves, drag it home and decorate all …

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Cute autumn card

Cute autumn card. Cardmaking

Autumn is not the time for spleen and boredom, when outside the window there is a bright blue sky and golden orange-cranberry shades of foliage. Together we will translate our autumn fantasies into a cute autumn card that will delight us on gloomy rainy days.

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Thanksgiving Autumn Card

Thanksgiving Autumn Card.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for the whole family. Another chance to please relatives with a beautiful handmade DIY autumn card that will bring bright colors and good mood to your home! You will need designer paper in an autumn theme or any paper in autumn colors. The base of …

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Thanksgiving Greeting Card. Easy Cardmaking.

Thanksgiving Greeting Card making .

Autumn is the most congenial season of the year. Crimson-yellow leaves, a wealth of colors of nature – everything is inspiring, especially on the eve of such a long-awaited holiday – Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving greeting card will help you decorate your home. Take a piece of designer paper in an …

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