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Easter printable crafts. Simple ideas for the Easter decoration.

It’s easy to make a beautiful Easter decoration for your home, table, yard with the help of printed templates.
We will use them to decorate spring grass that we grew in a can for the Easter.

empty cans, pots, boxes
grass seeds (herbs)

Download “Free Esater Printable Templates.” easter_printable_templates.zip – Downloaded 35 times – 15 KB

Easter printable crafts.

Fill cans with the soil, 2/3 of a can fill with seeds and cover them with soil 1-1,5 cm, water and wait for 5-7 days.
You should prepare everything beforehand to be in time for the Easter.
Don’t forget to water sprouts. When grass is big enough it’s time to decorate them.

Easter printable crafts.

The cans can be decorated with paper, fabric, lace, and stickers.
We have chosen the most simple material – paper.
And now to create a festive Easter atmosphere use the Easter templates – eggs, rabbit, birds.

Cut the templates from a beautiful paper (cardboard even better), glue to skewers or toothpicks and stick in the soil.

Use such templates in various ways: glue to a peg and decorate any gift with it or a card, or make a personalized card for a festive table.
Also using these templates you can easily create a garland to decorate your house for the Easter.


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