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Easy Halloween Card For Kids “Funny Spiders”.

For the upcoming Halloween holiday, children can make many simple but effective crafts. So if you want some creative fun, we suggest you make a wonderful postcard with your children. And this Easy Halloween card for kids will be a pleasant surprise that the child will present to his family and friends.

Download “Halloween Easy Card For Kids” Halloween_Funny_Spider_Template.pdf – Downloaded 13 times – 12 KB

Print the template on orange paper, and cut the backing, measuring 11*16 cm, from black cardboard.

Glue spider webs onto the base, now glue the orange base to the black backing. From black paper cut out three circles of different sizes – these will be the bodies of our spiders.

We cut the paws of the spiders out of thick black thread and glued them to double-sided tape.

Glue spiders under the cobwebs on the glue, and glue the eyes on the circles.

Easy Halloween Card For Kids is ready. Happy Halloween!

How to make a big spider as in the photo in this article – Easy Halloween Craft: A Spider From Styrofoam

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