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St. Patrick’s Day Card Ideas

Easy cardmaking ideas that take 30-40 minutes.  Today we’re making a cute and simple St. Patrick’s Day card. And what is the St. Patrick Day card without green color, and lucky four-leaf clover.
Download our free printable template and make card.

Download “St. Patrick's Day Printable Template” card_patrick.7z – Downloaded 77 times – 6 KB

Print an image from the file on matte photo paper (180 -220 gsm).
Cut the templates, it’s better to use a precision knife.

St. Patrick’s Day Card Ideas

Mark the fold line of the card to make it qualitative you should score the fold line with the score tool or any tool at hand: ruler, butter knife, nail file the tip of the item should be thin and smooth.

Make a Four-Leaf Clover.

Using a quilling tool roll the strips into coils, take off from the tool and leave them straiten. Glue the end of rolls.

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