Printable Halloween Card

Today’s Printable Halloween Card will be a great decoration, home decoration, festive table and an original gift for family and friends. It will take some time to make, but we are sure that the final result will please you. With your own hands, you can quickly and simply do a lot of different crafts for Halloween. So it’s time to think about new decorations for a fun and mystical celebration.

The idea of ​​multi-layered postcards is taken from tunnel postcards, but the assembly process is simplified.

The card will be square, consists of 4 layers, size 14*14 cm. The base of the card is a blue square and three black squares, on which we cut out the plot of the card.
Print a template and cut with a model knife.

Download “Free Printable Halloween Card” FreePrintableHalloweenCard.pdf – Downloaded 17 times – 7 KB

Drag the first layer template onto the black square and cut it out carefully.

Separately cut black frames from squares, 1 cm in size, two pieces and mice of different sizes.

Position and stick the mice on the frames as shown in the photo.

We begin to assemble our layers. To make the postcard volumetric and look more interesting, we use volumetric tape for gluing. Collect layers following the tooltip in the photos.

The final touch of our postcard is the inscription. Our printable halloween card is ready!

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