Thanksgiving Greeting Card making .

Thanksgiving Greeting Card. Easy Cardmaking.

Autumn is the most congenial season of the year. Crimson-yellow leaves, a wealth of colors of nature – everything is inspiring, especially on the eve of such a long-awaited holiday – Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving greeting card will help you decorate your home.

Take a piece of designer paper in an autumn theme, or any paper in autumn colors. You can print our congratulation text or use sticker letters, or write by hand.

Print on orange paper and cut out autumn leaves of different sizes, or use a hole punch.

Download “Mapl Leafs Templates” mapl_leaf.pdf – Downloaded 22 times – 21 KB

Cut out the details of the postcard. The basis of the card from a yellow cardboard paper 10×15 cm.

In the upper right corner of the postcard we cut a circle for a large leave, 5cm in size.

Tint the top layer at the edges with an orange pencil, this makes the layer more expressive and colorful!

We glue the layers with bulk tape, then glue the autumn leaves on the bulk tape: large in a circle, small randomly, as in the photo.

Our Thanksgiving Greeting Card is ready.

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