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A paper lantern “Heart”

Beautiful paper lantern in the form of a heart, can decorate your romantic evening. You will need only several minutes to make a nice decoration element for Valentine’s day.You can use any white transparent paper to make a lantern, so that you will be able to apply LED candle light for illumination. It can be decorated with a decorative tape, stickers, stamps and hearts made from a red paper. A lantern can be glued or you can use a stapler.

Make A Paper Lanern

Fold a paper sheet in half.
Make A Paper Lanern

You can glue the fold, so it will keep its form, or use a stapler instead.
Fold the sheet to the opposite direction and carefully shape it as a heart. Glue the joint place or use a stapler.
Make A Paper Lanern

Make A Paper Lanern Make A Paper Lanern

Your Paper Lanterns is now ready

Make A Paper Lanern

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