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Christmas wall decor. Pipecleaners crafts.

Christmas wall decor

This idea is for those who are creative in decorating a home for Christmas. Our simple and bright Christmas wall decor will not only save you a ton of money, but also give you a great opportunity to decorate your home in your own unique style. Materials: pipecleaners stick white …

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Vases from jars, cans in the autumn style

Vases from jars, cans

Autumn is a favorite time not only of poets, but also of designers, because it gives delightful and unique: red, orange, gold shades. I would like to save a piece of this magnificent, preparing for bed nature! This is what we will do today: from cans, glasses and cans, we …

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Scary Halloween Craft

Scary Halloween Craft

We are always happy to provide an interesting idea on how to beautifully decorate a house and prepare original crafts on Helloween. Scary Halloween Craft can be made from any familiar and cute thing. During this period, everyone can feel a little mystic and magician, turning their home into a …

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Simple Halloween Decor in Picture Frame

Simple Halloween Decor

There are many ways to decorate a house on Halloween with your own hands without serious effort and investment. One such way is our simple Halloween frame decor. Beautiful, well-designed design will give the family an excellent mood for the whole holiday. Everyone knows that the main palette of the …

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St Patrick’s Day Easy Craft Ideas

We offer you Easy Craft Ideas and simple decoration for St Patrick’s Day. This holiday has become very popular long ago far beyond the Emerald Isle. Various traditions as christian, so folk come from the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Besides shamrock another symbol of this day is leprechauns. Each leprechaun …

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St Patrick’s Day Paper Garland

St Patrick's Day Paper Garland

At the beginning of spring many people celebrate St Patrick’s Day. We offer to make simple paper garland to decorate a party or a house. One of the symbols of the holiday is a shamrock. It is easy and won’t take much time. To make the first variant of such a …

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Christmas Tree From a Styrofoam Cone

Christmas Tree Styrofoam Cone DIY

It will take you 10 minutes to make a Christmas tree from a styrofoam cone and a decorative ribbon. Attach the beginning of a ribbon to the bottom of a cone. Gradually rising to the top, every 4-5 cm attach a ribbon to the cone. The top of the Christmas …

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How To Make a Christmas Tree From Paper

christmas paper tree

If a decoration is beautiful it doesn’t mean it will take many efforts, nice snow-covered Christmas tree from paper can be an example of such a decor. You can make such trees fast and easy and they look very unusual. You will need a stand for Christmas trees. We cut …

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Mason jar string lights

make a jar string light

Common jars can be used to create plenty of decorative things for example Mason Jar String Lights  . The easiest way is to make lights that will fill your home with the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. With the help of cheap decorative elements for artwork, different tiny things that have …

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